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Welcome to the home of PARKER HAWKS Football!!  The Hawks Football program is the premier competitive tackle football club representing Parker and the surrounding areas of Franktown & Elizabeth.  The Hawks believe that youth football should build skill, confidence and a love of the game.  This happens when kids get to play the game at the right level, not sit on the bench.  The Hawks are proud to have pioneered the highest minimum play requirements in the area to insure new and developing players the best experience.  For newer players still learning the sport, this means nearly 50 plays per game, guaranteed.  The Hawks also offer multiple divisions to allow kids to participate against the appropriate level of competition while they learn the game.  This approach also enables the Hawks to maintain the highest level of competition in the state through our select (NFC) division.
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2014 Hawks Football - Camps and Clinics
2014 Camps and Clinics Hawks Football is committed to the safety...
Updated! Hawks Football - Registration for the 2014 Season Open!
Response has been great for the 2014 season of Hawks football.  We...
The Hawks believe that players have the best football experience by...
The Hawks, in conjunction with the Arapahoe Youth League, participate...
Games are on Saturdays and will usually begin the first weekend...
It is highly recommended that every player undergo and pass a physical...
2014 Hawks Football - Camps and Clinics
by posted 06/17/2014

2014 Camps and Clinics

Hawks Football is committed to the safety and development of all our players.  We will provide ongoing updates on available local clinics to help prepare for a great 2014 football season.  Check the Hawks Football website for updates on available camps and clinics this summer!


Legend High School Football Youth Camp

This is a full contact camp.  Click for more information.

Where: Turf field at Legend High School
Who: 2nd – 8th Graders
Time: 5:30 – 7:30 pm
Dates: July 14th -16th



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Updated! Hawks Football - Registration for the 2014 Season Open!
by posted 04/27/2014
Response has been great for the 2014 season of Hawks football.  We have some age groups where we can still add a few players to existing teams and several age groups where we will be adding new teams.  As a result, we have extended registration for several age groups through July 14 at our regular price.  
Registration for the 2014 Hawks Football season is open through July 14!  Registration will remain open after July 14th with an additional $15 late registration fee.  Be aware that after the regular registration period has ended, team placement will be on a first come, available slot system.  You can access registration from our football page by clicking "register now" on the menu.  Register soon to secure your spot in the 2014 season!  Response has been strong and we expect to add new teams, especially in the younger age groups.  If you are interested in applying to be a Coach, please complete our online application

Please take a minute to review the football page and our Frequently Asked Questions.  We have posted a lot of useful information regarding the season and about our efforts to insure the best possible experience for all of our athletes.  We look forward to a great season of football for all our players.  

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posted 04/15/2012
The Hawks believe that players have the best football experience by playing against the appropriate level of competition.  To insure this, we try as much as possible to keep the size of teams down and to place players new to the Hawks at the appropriate level of competition.  This means to maintain the best experience for all of the players in our community, we may not be able to accommodate each individual team or teammate request.   Our goal is for teams and players to stay together, providing a better experience and producing teams that reach the playoffs more often than 'scrambling' teams every year.  However, we also attempt to balance teams by size and for competitive balance in their division and may need to place players based on their skill level and the size of the team to provide the best football experience for all players. 

Important Notice Regarding Team Placement

1. Although the Hawks collect coach and teammate requests we will not guarantee placement of players on any team.  You will be placed where your child has the best opportunity to play.
2. PYS cannot guarantee practice day/time or location

Please be aware that teams practice at various times and locations based on the availability of practice fields.  Unfortunately, we can not guarantee practice times or days. 

Before you register your child, it is important to note that due to the possibility of inclement weather, available fields & officials, canceled games are scheduled on Sundays. Also, there is a real chance that playoff games & Super Bowls being played on Sundays. All participants must understand & accept this possibility before registering to participate in HAWKS football and the Arapahoe Youth League.

Equipment can be purchased at any sporting goods store.  The Official Hawks jersey colors are White & NAVY BLUE. Hawks teams wear our traditional uniform design of navy pants and navy helmets.  All teams are required to have a home (Dark) jersey and an away (Light) jersey.   Uniforms can be purchased at Locker Room Sports.  Equipment needed is helmet, shoulder pads, pants & pads, game jerseys, mouthpiece and cleats. Also note that clear & white colored mouth guards are illegal.  Please make sure that your player has a colored mouth guard or they may be disallowed to play in an official game!!

For more information contact the Hawks Football Coordinator at

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posted 10/04/2010


Hawks football has a very successful track record and is partly due to our experienced and knowledgeable coaches. 
Many of our coaches have a number of years experience coaching football and other sports. Our coaches are expected to attend at least 2 clinics annually and most of our successful coaches attend numerous clinics throughout the year.  It is this experience and training that allow them to fundamentals and skills in an age appropriate manner and develop players with a solid foundation to move on to high school competition.

If you think you have what it takes to instill a lof of the game and teach the sport of football, please fill out our Coach's Application.  We will follow up with you to schedule an interview.  Each year we look to add quality coaches as both head coaches and assistants on new and existing teams.  

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posted 10/04/2010

The Hawks, in conjunction with the Arapahoe Youth League, participate in three different divisions in which kids can compete depending on your child's skill level and football experience.  We have players from each division move on to play and start in high school and even in college.  Playing in the appropriate division now will build your child's confidence and maximize their playing time, which is the key to their success in the future.  Parents please make sure you know your child's ability level and are honest with them, and know what your own expectations are before placing your child on a team.  If you have any questions or concerns regarding where your child should play please contact the Football Coordinator (Josh Merrill 720 583-5090).


This division is considered our "beginners" division and is recommended for newer teams and players who are new to tackle football.  This division is a good building tool for kids to learn the fundamentals of the game and provides the highest level of gauranteed playing time (nearly 50 plays per game) to let them build their skills.  This division is considered our starters league where kids and teams alike start out gaining valuable instruction and a general understanding of the game.  This division is still competitive football and plays by many of the same set of rules as our other divisions.


Most parents will find that the AFC is a perfect fit for their child. The AFC division is considered our experienced division.  Players with tackle football experience are recommended to sign up for this division.  Many of our players spend their entire career at this level before moving on to play high school football.  Many players in this division are capable of playing at the highest level, though the teams overall aren't as experienced as the NFC division teams.  The AFC division gaurantees 25 plays per game, as much as 3x the number of plays gauranteed in other organizations.  If your child is looking for a very competitive brand of football, you may want to consider the AFC.  


The NFC is considered our 'select' division where almost all of the kids have several years experience playing tackle football. This division provides the highest level of competition in the state.  The number of gauranteed plays are the lowest (16), but still double what other organizations gaurantee.  Roster spots are allocated by the coach of the team.  Parents can request to have their son placed on an NFC team however these teams are typically "hand picked" by the football director or the NFC coaches.  

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posted 10/04/2010

Games are on Saturdays and will usually begin the first weekend in September. Playoffs can be played as early has the last couple weeks of October concluding with our Super Bowl in November.  Most teams will play 8 regular season games. If your team qualifies, they will go to the Playoffs.  If they keep winning, they will play in the Super Bowl the weekend before Thanksgiving.

Games can be played in Castle Rock, Parker, Highlands Ranch, Aurora, Centennial, Littleton, & Denver.

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posted 10/03/2010

It is highly recommended that every player undergo and pass a physical exam before participating in tackle Football.  Parents make sure your child has passed a routine physical exam before signing them up.


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